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Parijat Moumon was born in Bangladesh in a family of musicians. In his young age he was very fascinated by the beautiful music of Flamenco which brought him later to study under virtuoso guitarist Paco Peña in the Codarts, Conservatory of Rotterdam (NL). Later he found a keen interest for Jazz and developed further sense. He is now studying Jazz guitar in the Hochschule für Musik Mainz (DE). His guitar sometimes sounds like traditional Andalusian Flamenco, sometimes typical Jazz through the archtop and sometimes a mixture of both.



Pari's Water Lily Project


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Flamenco & Jazz

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Belonging To Bauls

Bangla Folk

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“The focus of my teaching is to develop creativity and artistry among the students so that they can improvise and create their own music. Techniques play a vital role, at the same time thoughts and emotions need to be involved.” - Parijat

Alongside being a freelance musician, he is working as a guitar teacher in Musikschule Maier and Musikcenter-Rheinhessen.

He gives skype lessons as well.


ph: +49 1522 7871 536

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